This is the blog of AltSciFi.

If you prefer visuals more than words, see us also on Tumblr (click here).

We’re also a community on Reddit (click here).

Update: nope. Reddit is no longer recommended, pending further re-evaluation. If you use the Internet (and definitely if you’re a Reddit user), you know why.

Our purpose is fourfold:

  1. To create a place for science fiction of all kinds – images, text, video and thoughtful discussions
  2. To learn more about “the science of science fiction”, and share a fascination for actual science in past, present and future, especially as it relates to the ideas of science fiction
  3. To give creative people who make science fiction a place to share their creations and get feedback from others who also love sci-fi. Members of our community have valuable ideas to share.
  4. To build a community of people who love science fiction and value high-quality indie sci-fi enough to pay a decent amount for it. Nothing of value in life is free; supporting the creators of science fiction is the only way to keep our genre alive and thriving.

You can also meet us on Twitter: @AltSciFi_


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