Join the AltSciFi Creative, an Inclusive New Science Fiction Writers and Artists Group.

Join the AltSciFi Creative, an inclusive new science fiction writers and artists group. We’ll help each other create more and get better.

Every week on Friday/Saturday, our community hosts a writing/art prompt.

Each group member creates a new piece inspired by the prompt — flash fiction, illustration, speed painting, etc. Each piece is completed and posted online by the coming Monday for upvotes and feedback.

Our weekly group finds its home in a focused, private Reddit community. The purpose is to stimulate your imagination, and spur all of us to create and share more.

The best part of this concept is that it can be a starting point. You can develop your idea further from the piece that you begin in the group. Who knows — your next (or first) full-length novel or visual work could be born here as part of the creative process. At any point in time, you can come back to the group to request insightful feedback.

We’re looking for:

– artists and writers with a few years’ experience and at least one writing/art sample available online.

We want to encourage:

– stories with non-stereotypical gendered characters (women, men and other)
– global perspective: non-white and white protagonists from around the world
– characters of all sexual orientations: LGBT, non-binary, straight, other

Types of science fiction:

– both non-erotic (“vanilla”) fiction and erotic fiction

We’re not an explicitly “feminist” or “ethnic” or “LGBT” group. The purpose
is to _not exclude_ anyone. Science fiction is a genre of ideas. If we can
create realistic aliens, we must be able to create humans of all kinds, too.

If you want to join, connect with us:

– Twitter: @altscifi_
– Reddit: r/altscifi_

Request an invite and you’ll receive more details about how to become a member.

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