Bigger than Twitter: Watch for Upcoming Changes in AltSciFi Strategy

You might remember that we lost access to Twitter for a short while.

No worries. AltSciFi has a newer, better Twitter presence now. It was actually quite useful to start over and know that the present membership is onboard with our new style.

It’s becoming clear that Twitter is mostly used for four purposes: sex, jokes, news and drama.

Sex: well, yes, AltSciFi appreciates sex… but we don’t want new members to click “Follow” solely with that in mind.

Jokes: Amend that to (dumb) jokes. Offering free low-effort entertainment results in a group of low-effort freeloaders. Nope.

News: most people seeking news are already drowning in it on Twitter and elsewhere. Hence, Twitter’s not the place to “curate” meaningfully.

Drama: Few things are less appealing than wasting words on people who use shitty “wit” and cheap rhetorical evasions, i.e. most people.

Controversy is the easiest way to get attention, as everyone has easily-stirred emotions and a massively important opinion on everything. Thankfully, we’re a group of artists, techies and related oddballs, so who really has time for nonsense? Go create something great instead.

Watch for changes in AltSciFi strategy. Time to subvert Twitter Status Quo a bit so that it works for us, rather than the other way around.

P.S. Our Tumblr site has a new face. Have a look and enjoy while we get our behind-the-scenes work done to take the next step in AltSciFi’s evolution.

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