Dystopian Daily, Issue Zero.

In a media environment focused almost exclusively on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, we don’t need to reach for sci-fi futurescapes to find dystopian themes.

What if we could see past the FUD and focus on stories shaping our future world, as it unfolds right here and now? If we rightly see news as entertainment, it may help us find facts while being more amused and less afraid of the typical media rhetoric.

Here, you’ll find selected stories that could spur your imagination to spin up your own cyberpunk realities, or get motivated to foment social change in the real world… before it’s too late.

Welcome to the Dystopian Daily.

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Dystopian Daily

+ How did Amazon’s monster erotica book ban help shape CloudFlare’s stance on censorship?

In the seemingly monolithic debate on encryption, you’re either for it — and you hate the police — or you’re against it and you favor terrorists. Second, there is an emerging threat of “data integrity”, where hackers will screw around with your numbers and figures, and potentially upend the stock markets.

The third issue takes some explaining.

“I worry about Jeff Bezos’ bizarre obsession with dinosaur sex,” said Prince, towards the end of a long conversation in our New York newsroom.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a chief executive — hell, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything like that before,” I said. […]

+ Top European Court Rules That NSA Spying Makes U.S. Unsafe For Data. The lawsuit against Facebook was about transparency and user control. It could not be determined exactly what was being done with consumer data — which goes against the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. […]

+ Are the Social Media Girls Really the Industry’s “It” Girls? With the exception of a few brands, such as Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain and Sonia Rykiel, Paris-based brands tend to steer clear of the industry’s famous social media faces. So, we put this to the test to see how the industry’s most notable Insta-girls (Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid – Cara Delevigne is out because she retired from walking) fare. […]

Comment: The “it” girls of haute couture are now judged by the size of their social media following, rather than careers built on walking elite fashion’s top runways.

+ Discover: Automate Penetration Testing Tasks. […]

+ RSAC CyberSafety Videos. Cyber Professionals share tips with kids about safe and responsible internet practices. […]

+ Public BSODs, crashes, and other errors.. r/PBSOD. […]

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