AltSciFi, Gamergate, Online Bullies and the Internet Gender Wars

Question: What is AltSciFi, exactly?

As you may have noticed in recent blog entries, we are evolving.

Is it…
…indie sci-fi art, including short stories, novels and music, as well as film and other visuals?
…digital civil/human rights?

Or is AltSciFi about Internet culture and multimedia literacy?

Answer: Yes.

All of the topics mentioned above directly influence the course of civilization and therefore are necessary components of any future-oriented storyline. Our emphasis is on hard sci-fi — science fiction that extrapolates from the real, scientifically probable world. Understanding the world through science is a necessary first step in creating hard sci-fi. Even fantastical science fiction benefits from a plausible starting point in crafting its story worlds’ physics and geography.

Translation: AltSciFi is equal parts SJW pretension, pissed-off hippie, unrepentant computer geek, and a generous pinch of tech-fetish NSFW. AltSciFi exists to help artists, writers and techies (subtypes of “artisan/craftsmen/craftswomen”) discover each other — and a paying audience.

Special note: if you’re an older person, you’re fine. Ageism sucks. If you’re a weird or artistically inclined older person, even better.

We Are Real

Pattern recognition: most of those with hundreds of Followers on the social Web are lifers, IRL celebs, dumb joke repeaters, or sexy lewdposters. (Of course, the most ubiquitous category of popular Twitter user is the Spambot Collector.)

AltSciFi is 100% real. Our members are all real humans. No spambots or spammers of any kind allowed.

Gamergate, Online Bullies and the Internet Gender Wars

Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and more take aim at cyber harassment against women in new report

As one of the most prominent figures embroiled in GamerGate, a loosely organized crusade to rid of the video game world of progressive voices, Quinn mentioned having “sat for two weeks in a chatroom silently recording them plotting how they would [drive her to kill herself]” during the period in which her online antagonizers were most virulent. […]

Although Zoe Quinn is technically connected to science fiction as a “game developer” (not really), that mess really isn’t worth more words.

Perhaps the strangest point about the SJW (or “social justice warrior”) crowd is that they’re just as much a mindless group of Internet bullies as the Gamergate crew.

Both sides (Gamergate/SJW) cry about “victimization”, then abruptly go about persecuting anyone in their path who deviates from their views. Neither Gamergate nor SJW are about “justice”. They’re about the exercise of human tribalistic herd tendencies transmuted to a new medium.

Similar to Internet Masculinism (“Meninism”…?) and Internet Feminism (not to be confused with the real kind), they complain about victimization — then avenge their emotional wounds using the same shame-and-bully tactics.

The cognitive/emotive blind spot that leads victims to unknowingly become bullies offers a perfect opportunity for indirect learning via fiction. (Realistically, though, if a person avoids learning, no amount of indirect suggestion will change their minds for long. Still worth a try.)

You never know how close a person is to change until you give them a gentle nudge. ;)

That’s the hidden power of science fiction.

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