Three Things Money Can’t Buy: AltSciFi, Authenticity, and You

Three bots attached themselves to the AltSciFi Twitter account yesterday.

The pesky parasitic little software machines were quickly zapped. That did lead, though, to a more vexing question: “can anyone tell how many bots have slipped through?” Surely there was at least one brilliantly realistic fake user in our midst.

As it turns out, there were only two (very clever) bots hiding amongst us. They, too, have been identified and zapped.

Update: there were four fakes. Now there are none. AltSciFi’s Twitter membership is now 100% authentic.

Note: Despite the endearingly sappy headline, AltSciFi really is at least partly about money. We exist to help connect independent science fiction creators (writers, motion/graphic/visual artists, musicians, and technologists) with the best kind of audience: people who value your work enough to pay for it.

Our authenticity comes from the fact that we refuse to compromise anyone’s right to privacy in the pursuit of profit. We want everyone to feel the same way about our community — that we are proud to be part of this project. Money can’t buy a sense of purpose and the feeling of being among like-minded people, even virtually connected as we are via the Internet.

You can do periodic housecleaning as well via StatusPeople, a website that divides your followers between the fake and the real:

Find Out How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have With StatusPeople (click here)

Remember to revoke their access to your account when you’re done.

AltSciFi has a foundation of nearly one hundred real artists and techies, future-loving kinksters, oddball outsiders, and generally unusual people. Perfect.

The number itself doesn’t matter as much as knowing that you’re part of something that no robot could claim as its own… until, of course, robots become as real and sentient as we humans are. Thankfully, though, that moment is far enough in the future that we can still enjoy calling it sci-fi.

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