A Fraction of A Second: Did You Spot The Time-Telling Discrepancy in Tron Legacy (2010)?

An interesting nitpick about the representation of time in the Tron universe:

(Written by user @hypnotoad.)

The first one knew it was dealing with the fact that computer clock cycles run faster than human cycles – hence the ending appearing as if nothing really happened in our real world time. The outside world did communicate with it, but only sending it instructions and responding – only after the internal struggle was resolved and the computer shut down did the real world react. Both universes were kept isolated so there would be no plot conflict.

The sequel made the mistake of forgetting that, talking to the real world from within the computer domain — as if both shared the same rate of time. A computer clock cycle takes place in, say, a billionth of a second. Human clock cycles take place in seconds because we’re all slow. I suppose I need to sit through the movie again to point out the precise time (hour/minute/second) in which the plot screwed up, I only remember that the problem happened. It’s not dissimilar to the 1968 Star Trek episode where characters were sped up to live in the aliens’ realm, with the same gaffe of pretending both accelerated and normal rates progressed at the same temporal rate.

Article: “‘Tron 3’ reportedly on the way starring ‘Legacy’ leads”.

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