2015 is officially underway at AltSciFi. Here’s what we can look forward to this year.

Over 500 Altered Scientists are now subscribed to AltSciFi and there are 200+ tweets, one for each new post (plus conversation with other sci-fi lovers on Twitter, of course).

AltSciFi, Right Now

For this year, we have a set of ongoing goals.

– More frequent blog updates
– An AltSciFi podcast in the making
– A dedicated AltSciFi website on the horizon


It would also be great to build a community website for AltSciFi to fulfill what this community is designed to be: a “edgy”-yet-safe and inviting place for sci-fi nerds, geeks and anyone else who enjoys science fiction. The goal is to create a space for experimentation, creation and play where anyone with a good idea can get feedback form a dedicated community of those who truly love sci-fi. This goes far beyond the Reddit voting system, or “Likes” on the blog or even retweets on our Twitter.

We now have a Patreon page if you enjoy the different approach to science fiction here at AltSciFi. Pledge at least one dollar per month once you recognize that it takes valuable time to discover the hidden sci-fi gems and items that you don’t often see in such abundance elsewhere. Our upcoming projects (podcast and dedicated website, for example) would benefit from your support as well.

Click here for the new Patreon page.

For our Reddit readers: If you don’t enjoy AltSciFi enough to pledge at least a dollar on a monthly basis, don’t hesitate to unsubscribe right now. It’s better to have a smaller, more dedicated community than a group of random people who just subscribed to leech “content” because no one can force you to pay. We are considering making AltSciFi a private subreddit, though, so if you pledge on Patreon you will definitely be included if we decide to take the “invite-only” route.

Long-Term Goals

One of the more long-term goals of this project is to build an environment for sci-fi fans to connect with indie creators: writers, visual artists, musicians, game developers, filmmakers and others. One dream of ours is to drive the first fully fan-supported science fiction film on par with Hollywood production quality (but with faithful storylines and input from people who like intelligent science fiction).

One current experiment in that vein is a conversation about creating a live-action Ghost in the Shell film. We’re building a way to make it work outside the confines of the current dumbed-down, culturally empty “summer blockbuster” system of present-day mainstream cinema. Imagine a real live-action film with a great script, skilled acting, immersive cinematography and beautiful special effects.

Pretty exciting.

We’re also considering the idea of making this a more “discussion”-oriented subreddit. That would require time spent moderating comments, though, so at least for now, the present approach is fine. We do encourage you to contribute your comments, especially if you have a link to share or an interesting story to tell for everyone to learn from.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Add them below or message any of the moderators directly.

Thanks for being part of the AltSciFi community. We’re looking forward to a 2015 full of great science fiction and new possibilities to explore, with you and all of our fellow Altered Scientists.

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