AltSciFi Independent Science Fiction Artists and Writers Initiative

When you think of self-published stories and novels, what’s the first name that comes to mind?

Amazon dot com, of course.

When you think of posting a short film, where are you most likely to do it in order to receive the most exposure?

Youtube — owned by Google.

When you think of alternatives to these corporate giants, what comes to mind?

No other site has the name recognition and sheer reach of Amazon and Google.

Countless tiny blogs house a couple of short stories here and there. Endless review sites are staffed by self-appointed “critics”. A few larger magazines and small book publishers exist; they rarely even look at new works — “due to the overwhelming number of submissions, it may take us between four weeks and the rest of eternity to look at your work. But please send it, anyway! We love artists’ desperate attention!”

We need a better alternative.

Here’s the idea. It’s really simple:

Our Purpose

To break the vicious cycle of “free, free and more free” and help artists get paid for their work. Simply put, “free” doesn’t get you paid. It creates an expectation that your time and effort has no value. Our main message is this: “if you work at a professional level, give readers and viewers a way to pay you for your work”.

The best way to market yourself on the Internet is to be as visible as possible. The best way to do that is to form a group of high-quality creators who present a unified brand, while maintaining their independence and individuality.

Our Method

Basic guidelines for new submissions:

– For writers, you have to have written at least one hundred pages of fiction before you can submit your work. Only completed works are allowed, and only works that are long enough to be published — no individual poems or flash fiction. All submissions are over two pages long.

– For visual artists and musicians, at least two years of experience is the minimum, as demonstrated in your portfolio that’s available online.

Our Medium

For now, our AltSciFi Subreddit can be our discussion forum. We can use the existing AltSciFi Twitter Account and AltSciFi Blog to post new submissions for now. We can branch off into an “AltSciFi Magazine” website when we have enough material and revenue to bring a larger site to life.

Add Your Thoughts

If you want to join or have an idea to add, contribute your comments. And tell all of your creative friends who want to be successful independent artists — who get paid for their work rather than starve or be lost in the Amazon shuffle.

Spread the word. Share this post with your fellow artists, writers and creatives. Together, we’ll do something great.


You can also read our “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” section by clicking here (click here).

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